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TARVA trial

The TARVA (Total Ankle Replacement versus Arthrodesis) Investigators meeting was held prior to the BOFAS AGM. TARVA stands for Total Ankle Replacement Versus Arthrodesis. The TARVA trial is a clinical trial for patients with ankle arthritis that are considering surgery. The main surgical treatments for end-stage ankle arthritis are ankle arthrodesis or total ankle replacement (TAR). Approximately 3,000 patients undergo ankle arthrodesis or TAR in the NHS each year. Both treatments are available on the NHS, and both have been reported to have good results. Some studies suggest that TAR restores a more natural walking pattern than ankle fusion but other studies have suggested that the need
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New ankle replacement design

Mr Sharpe travelled to San Francisco to be one of the first UK Foot and Ankle surgeons to be invited to use a new design of ankle replacement, developed in the USA and Canada. He discussed the new design principles of the Infinity and Prophecy ankle replacement with the team from Wright Medical, and attended the Advanced Hindfoot course. He has now implanted several of the new Infinity ankle replacements – with excellent results. He has also been one of the first surgeons in the UK to use the Prophecy patient specific ankle replacement design – with encouraging results.
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