Frequently Asked Questions

Patient outcomes

The aim of any treatment we provide is to enable the patient to have a pain free foot/ankle with normal function – whether this involves surgical treatment or not.

To enable Mr Sharpe to assess the effectiveness of his treatments he collects data on many of his operations. It also allows him to regularly audit and review his results and maintain high standards in comparison to other units.

There are many ways of assessing outcome following any treatment and hundreds of questionnaires have been used in a variety of forms.

Mr Sharpe captures outcome data using a electronic based system (Amplitude) – and you may be asked to respond to questions using this system

Examples of questionnaires used are below but you would be guided as to which to fill in by your surgeon.

  • FAOS
  • VISA-A

What to expect at a consultation

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Foot & ankle surgery recovery

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If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 01392 325005 or get in touch online.